FSB and SBC Webinars Presented: Is Your Platform Ready For 18 Months Of Sports Betting?

Series SBC webinars continues on Tuesday 25 May when FSB hosts Is your Platform ready for a maximum of 18 months of sports betting?

The overhaul of the international sports calendar triggered by the pandemic has resulted in a program of major events that will be one of the busiest times betting operators have ever experienced.

Sports fans can look forward to a series of action that includes the Euro, the Olympics and the World Cup, as well as a return to the full suite of major golf and grand slams. tennis tournaments; and regular club football, basketball and NFL schedules.

Since there are many large games set up for both casual and casual players to bet on, operators must ensure they have a technical base that can handle the expected traffic volumes and provide a high quality customer experience.

In this webinar, a team of experts will join the FSB Sports Platform Specialist to see if it is time for operators to migrate from legacy platforms to truly reap the commercial benefits of this vital period.

They will also discuss the risks of using an outdated platform, the benefits and challenges of platform migration, and how emerging platforms can help operators drive growth.

A group of experts willing to share their views on the technologies of the sports betting platform include:

  • Dave McDowell - Director General of the FSB
  • Joe Sumarez Smith - Chairman, Eyas Gaming
  • Mark Thomas - Partner, Propus Partners
  • Andrew McCarron - Managing Director, SBC (moderator)

Sign up, your platform is ready to go with the Ultimate 18 Months Sports Betting? - Tuesday 25th May at 2:00 pm BST

Dave McDowell said: “Bookmakers can look forward to consistently high levels of player activity in the coming months thanks to an unprecedented string of major events. They now need to assess if they have the right platform to really benefit from it and avoid UI issues that could lead customers to switch to competitors.

“During the webinar, our guests will assess the potential risks and benefits of using an outdated platform or moving to a next generation product, and I will share some of my findings. from a recent project where FSB successfully completed a full platform and regulatory migration in just two months. "

Join this SBC webinar to learn more about the latest betting platform technologies and their benefits for operators.

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