Sportradar expands partnership with Kyodo News with multi-year contract

Sports Betting Data Provider Sportradar expanded cooperation with leading Japanese media Kyodo News as part of a long-term partnership with its subsidiary Kyodo News Digital strengthening its position in the Asian market.

Sportradar and Kyodo News have established a working relationship in 2018 revolving around the provision and support of data from various international competitions covering a range of sports including baseball, basketball, football. , rugby, tennis and golf.

In accordance with the terms of the extended agreement, Sportradar will redistribute its data API for various sports. Radar 360 services and product for Kyodo media clients throughout Japan.

“Media partners use our turnkey services to tell unique stories based on data,” said Danny Fock , Head of Asia Business Development at Spo rtradar.

“These enhanced capabilities will make it even easier to understand trends and create stunning content for pre, inbound and post-match consumption. This is a great opportunity for us to collaborate with Kyodo News, which is a reputable media outlet not only in Japan but also in the region. "

Sportradar will use its Radar 360 offering to provide editors and clients with access to real-time data from National Basketball Association (NBA).

Meanwhile, the partnership will also offer exclusive data to baseball fans through Sportradar's MLB Statcast products, the exclusive distributor of real-time gaming statistics in international markets for Major League Baseball (MLB).

Radar 360 includes the ability to create, modify and save custom reports and allows users to access data through an interface and custom queries, while Statcast is a tracking technology service that collects and analyzes baseball data.

“Providing accurate and reliable information is the cornerstone of our business, and we are delighted to partner with Sportradar to ensure we have a leading position in the market. products and services for us and our customers ", - commented Ryuichi Koye , general manager of sports data department at Kyodo News Digital.

In addition to expanding its media agreement, Sportardar has entered into a number of partnerships over the past month in the area of sports fairness and fairness in the betting industry, in particular ensuring it deals with General Directorate of the National Police of Bulgaria , West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) and Olympic Committee of the Netherlands Sports Federation of the Netherlands (NOC NSF).

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