Dmitry Kluts: How the support service takes Soft2Bet to a new level

Building the strongest customer support team is critical for igaming operators to better understand the needs and concerns of their players.

Dmitry Kluts (pictured below), Head of Customer Support Soft2Bet explains how streamlined customer support processes can lead to “tangible growth within six to nine months” for both its operator partners and its own gaming brands.

SBC: What are the main responsibilities of the service desk Soft2Bet representative?

COLUMBIA REGIONA: Our agents are tasked with responding to customer inquiries via live chat using our chat and email software. We place great emphasis on first contact resolution, which means that when possible, players will find that their request has been resolved with just one request.

We have developed a range of tools to assist our employees in this approach and provide them with extensive training on various licenses and related terms and conditions. in their acquisition, as well as AML procedures and the ever-changing landscape of responsible gaming.

SBC: Is your customer support team working on KPIs when communicating with your customers? If so, who are they?

COLUMBIA REGION: Yes, it is - we test our employees' knowledge of compliance because our company is bound by strict rules that we strictly adhere to. Another KPI that our employees are working on is a clear understanding of how to market our offer and which players are eligible for bonuses, free spins and the like.

We run regular refresher courses to make sure everyone is up to date and I am very proud of the dedication and experience our fantastic team has shown every single day. We also track the duration of our employees' interactions with customers using metrics such as average turnaround time (AHT), pick up time, average daily chat replies, and more.

This is in addition to our recommendations for tone of voice and additional sales, so it is fair to say that we are setting high standards, but I am proud to say that the team has excelled at them.

DSC09540.jpg1 SBC: Tell us more about the organizational structure of the department?

COLUMBIA REGION: We are preparing to expand our customer support team with new roles and a revamped training department. This process is designed to provide a clear structure that offers employees a well-defined career path, and we are always looking for new hires to help take our team to the next level.

Along with a well-defined set of goals and objectives for each team member, this will lead to tangible growth for the company within six to nine months. We're confident this will take our customer service to the next level and can't wait to keep entertaining our ever-growing player base!

SBC: What tools do you plan to use to facilitate your customer support?

DC: We are looking at a broad-ranging customer support platform that maximizes visibility and transparency for both our agents and clients. In addition, the new AI chat will help standardize the daily chats of employees to make things easier and more efficient, for example, our 70% chat requests are about bonuses and withdrawals, so automatic replies are a good way to reduce waiting times.

Of course, more complex requests will always be handled by one of our agents, but an automated solution may be the right solution. Some of the more straightforward notifications we receive as this kind of automation will naturally lead to better customer experiences.

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