Loterj announces a tender to find a sports betting operator in Rio

Loteria do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Loterj) , the official organization that governs gambling in the Brazilian state, has begun the process of including new gambling products in

Announcement posted in Official Gazette Rio de Janeiro, called for expressions of interest from sports betting and lottery operators seeking to host

According to BNL Data, the tender aims to attract companies that can create betting and lottery products for both online and casual users. To be able to offer these products, including sports betting, they must demonstrate their distribution and marketing capabilities.

Loterj will evaluate the offerings of the companies, as well as consider how they will conduct their marketing campaigns and how they will brand their products. The license, which will be valid for 60 months, costs approximately 50 $ million.

Upon receipt of the bids, Loterj will launch a public bidding process at the lowest “total price” on July 5th. According to the announcement, "the development of the technology platform, including the development of lottery, payment and e-commerce control functions through physical or digital instruments, will be determined by Loterj."

In addition, one of the requirements for dealing with sports betting and lottery products in Rio de Janeiro is that international companies must do business with a Brazilian legal entity. In addition, each consortium member must individually submit supporting documentation to demonstrate their ability to meet Lottery requirements.

Rio de Janeiro, along with Minas Gerais, is one of the first states to turn to sports betting and advanced gambling products. The move was prompted by a request from a state deputy Alexander Knoplokh allow Loterj to manage the sports betting sector.

The project involves the transfer of funds collected under the same system in which Loterj currently runs its lotteries, while it is determined that the income will be subject to income tax established by federal law.

“This bill is important because there are a growing number of gaming sites that, despite their activities in Brazil, do it illegally and post their data in other countries outside of national jurisdiction,” Knoploch said.

Earlier this month, Loteria Mineira (LEMG) also announced that it will use new lottery options including passive games, number lottery, sports prediction lottery, instant lottery and fixed odds lottery (sports betting).

Intralot do Brasil Trade in Equipment and Computer Programs Ltda (Intralot), Thorsborg do Brasil C onsultoria em Tecnología Ltda and International Gaming Technology Brasil Data Services (IGT) - Scientific Games Brasil Ltda are competing for the licenses that LEMG will provide to manage these games.

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