FSB Increases Gamification Opportunities With Captain Up

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Ted Menmuir April 50, 2021 Latest news, technologies

FSB technical service entered into an alliance with a cloud-based gamification and loyalty platform Captain up in an attempt to boost its growth as an online bookmaker and casino.

The partnership will enable operators using FSB's end-to-end technology solution to maximize customer engagement and increase loyalty through the use of gamification, behavioral psychology and intelligent social tools.

“We strive to push the boundaries of innovation in games with features such as progressive jackpots, social tournament avatars and smart promotions,” Uri Admon, CEO at Captain Up , said about the partnership.

“Captain Up is dedicated to max. simulate engagement, provide personal, playful tools, analyze multiple data points, respond with appropriate feedback, support multiple KPIs, and comply with dynamic regulatory requirements in markets around the world. We are pleased to offer our products to operators through FSB. "

Collaboration also includes the ability to create and run scheduled and targeted segmented campaigns, matching rewards and bonuses across different categories and channels.

Shaan Balani, head of the production department at the FSB , added: “It was busy. 515694253 start at FSB with new partners and new product integrations and we are delighted to have this momentum continued on our new agreement with Captain Up.

“Captain Up allows our partners to conduct targeted campaigns for different categories of players to ensure that the bonuses they receive are perfectly tailored to their gaming preferences and patterns.

"This deal is just another example of how we are continually improving the FSB platform to ensure that our partners have the technology and tools they need to deliver a superior player experience."

This partnership follows a series of nt collaborations signed by the FSB, with its most recent agreement together with Incentive Games following European promotion provided by the German gambling group OGaming, and expanding the US presence through strategic alignment with USBookmaking .

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